Lola Skullcrack (_dithy_) wrote in unwashed_hair,
Lola Skullcrack


hi. my name is lola. washing hair is pointless to me. I wash mine once every week and a half or so, just to get my spikes out, so i can start over. but it's not really like washing it, it just makes the hairspray come out. I have liberty spikes:
Image hosted by
but when I had long hair I never washed it either. people always tell me its fucking disgusting. do i care? no.

♥ Lola
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I definetly dig the hair. I like when people leave their bangs down and whatnot.

rock on with the.......the um.....erm.......i dont know what it is. do you actually have like 5 hawks or just pull up the hair you have.

either way...........rokkin!
no I just liberty spike it in all different ways. it varies.