Lucy Of The Blue (lucyoftheblue) wrote in unwashed_hair,
Lucy Of The Blue

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New One

Hi. Just joined. Finally...a place where I won't get any crap. Well, the last time I washed my hair was Sunday. I have to confess that my I have VERY SUPER greasy hair. Sometimes I'll run my hand through it and it'll kinda smell, but it'll be the good kinda smell. I like it when my hair stinks, I hate taking showers, mainly because my hair'll fall out *due to my meds*. Like today Mom noticed that my hair was kinda standing on end and stuff. She goes "You need a bath" I go "No, I need a haircut" as my hair grows like mad. I especialy love my hair when it's super greasy and it looks like it's really wet. I wish I could see how long I could go without washing my hair. I wish I could never take a bath...but oh well. Maybe I'll have that chance...someday...
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